April 19, 2011

Visiting New York: Instead of This...Do This

Today's post is my article on New York travel tips, as seen on CheapOair's great travel site.
New Yorkers are all about being in the know. While visiting, you should be too! Here are some insider tips that revise the usual tourist suggestions. So, instead of doing this...do this.

Empire State Building...Top of the Rock
Instead of standing in the famed long lines at the Empire State Building, go 16 blocks north for equally stunning views of the city at the Top of the Rock - for a fraction of the wait. Don't forget to wave to the Empire State Building while you're there.

The Met...The Frick
The Met is spectacular (and crowded!), but how often can you marvel at a museum within a museum? Henry Clay Frick's early 1900s mansion accomplishes this by housing European art surrounded by original furnishings, his leather bound books, and a romantic Garden Court.

Statue of Liberty boat tour...Staten Island Ferry
How does free sound? While we'll gladly take your hard-earned money on a Statue of Liberty boat tour, we'll also throw you a bone and offer a free voyage passing right by Lady Liberty. Twice. Board the right side going to Staten Island and the left side coming back for great pictures of the Lady and the city.

Advance Broadway tickets...same day TKTS tickets
If your heart's not set on a particular show then head to TKTS the day of for often half-price tickets. You'll be at the mercy of what's available, but you'll be surprised at the selection and seat choices.

Sure, you can brag you stood in an hour-long line at Lombardi's for some great pizza. Even more impressive? Bragging you stood in line at Grimaldi's in Brooklyn because: 1) it's amazing pizza, 2) it has beautiful views of Manhattan 3) you found Brooklyn.
After dinner, head to the water to further indulge at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory while taking in those beautiful Manhattan views.

Top of the Rock: 30 Rockefeller Plaza
The Frick: 1 East 70th Street
Staten Island Ferry: R to Whitehall
TKTS: various locations, see link
Grimaldi's: 1 Front Street

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