August 18, 2009

The Corner Deli

Me: I'm going to the deli to get cash.
Mom (in Texas): Why would you go to a national sandwich chain instead of a bank?
Me: No, not like Jason's Deli. It's like...a tiny grocery store, with an ATM machine.

Need cash? Go to the deli. Need laundry detergent? Deli. Need a six-pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale, turkey and swiss on a toasted onion bagel, and some cat food for Mr. Mittens? Right you are: the deli.

There are seemingly thousands of delis in New York (eight of them are within a few blocks of my apartment). Not all are on the corner, but a good portion are. You're never far from a deli, but the best ones are your local ones, whether near work or home. They're run by the same three or four friendly faces and oftentimes they know what you want when you walk in. "Coffee, two sugars?" Yes, please. "We got a new flavor of Doritos in." Sigh...they know my weakness.

So the next time you're wandering around New York and need a cold bottle of water and a pack of gum, you know where to go. Just beware, they may try and tempt you with a new flavor of Doritos. (Yes, please!)


  1. Ha! "No. Not like a Jason's Deli." That's awesome. How many Jason's Delis are there in Texas anyway? I'm from Amarillo, and we had a couple. I thought it was a local thing or something. I'm loving your posts. I've been blazing through them. I had to stop and remark on the Jason's Deli. I can hear the conversation now.

  2. I love this. Im from Houston Texas and thinking of going to grad school in nyc to get away. Ive always wanted to move to ny but so scared. Should i visit first before i decide to move?

  3. Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
    Yes, I suggest visiting NY before moving. It's an amazing city, but it's not for everyone. I visited for a week, 3 months prior to moving. I loved it from the moment I got here, but I'm really glad I visited. It's completely different from Texas--which sounds like what you may be looking for.
    I'm happy to help or answer more questions. You can either ask them here or contact me via email through my profile page.
    Either way, good luck!