August 21, 2009

Subway Etiquette

In yesterday's post you learned the basics of navigating the New York subway system. Now you'll learn how to make the ride more enjoyable for you - and others. The MTA provides a set of written rules (posted at stations), I'll provide a set of unwritten rules.

In the station:
• Have your Metrocard ready when you get to the turnstile so as not to slow down others
• If you're lost ask for help, NYers don't mind
• Don't stand too close to the platform's edge while waiting for the train

On the train:
• Don't stand in front of the the doors. Let passengers off first, then board the train
• Hold onto something. A pole, the railing above, your sister
• Don't stare. NYers are suspicious by nature so glance around, but don't stare
• Don't talk loud/be obnoxious. Remember that it's a public train, not your car

Getting off the train:
• Step lively, keep moving. This also applies at the top of stairs and station exits
• If in a group, walk up the stairs single file so that those entering can get through

It may seem like a lot, but really it's just common sense. New York is a crowded, bustling city so if you remember to keep moving and be aware of those around you you'll be fine. (Letting go of the pole and exiting this post lively...)


  1. I would also suggest to wait until the train makes a complete stop before getting up from your seat or letting go of the pole. The train will seem like it's stopping but until you hear the squeaky brake, don't get up or you will risk landing in someone's lap!

  2. Exactly. I reread this post after having a "hold onto the pole" experience this weekend. The train was coming to a stop and i stood up, held onto the pole and was waiting for it to stop before i let go. This girl standing next to me (wanting my seat) said, with attitude, "are you get off the train or just stretching?" I said "i'm holding on so that i don't fall on YOU when it comes to a stop". She stopped being a smart ass long enough to say "oh, okay, thanks".

  3. You forgot my favorite, "No Spitting" LoL!

  4. Oh yes. And I think they should also include: No clipping your nails, no falling asleep on strangers, and if your bag hits my leg one more time I will brain you. The last one should say "Love, Mindy."