August 19, 2009

NYC = Five Boroughs. (Five...what?)

New York City role call: Brooklyn! Queens! (The) Bronx! Staten Island! Manhattan! Yep, the gang's all here.
Here's how it works: 8.2 million people live in New York City, but not all on the 22 sq. mile island of Manhattan. Instead, the population is spread out over "boroughs" (or counties), created in 1898, each with its own elected president. But no matter what borough you live in, you reserve the right to call yourself a New Yorker.
Now for fun insider info: we call Manhattan "the city." So if you're in Brooklyn and a friend asks "do you want to go to the city?" they mean Manhattan. However, if you're addressing a letter to someone in Manhattan you write "New York, NY," not Manhattan, NY.
And last, we call Bronx, NY "The Bronx." It's named after Jonas Bronck, the first recorded European settler in that area (1639). He acquired a bunch of land, but besides him and his family there wasn't much around, so the only reason people would go was to visit "The Broncks."
So there you have it. Five boroughs, one city, endless history.

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