August 16, 2009

If I Can Make it Here...

June 29, 2000: three suitcases, no apartment, no job, didn't know anyone. That's how I moved to New York.
I booked a room at the Chelsea Lodge (pictured above, but sadly, now closed) for nine days where I used my a/c window unit as a refrigerator, balked at the price of canned tuna at the grocery store, and shared one toilet with eight other hotel guests. I was off to a memorable start.
My move was made easier with a savings and a list of friends of friends to contact. I found a job and two couch stays (until I found an apartment share for August 1) through that list. Since then I've spent nine years telling non-NYC friends and family stories of life here to which the response is usually "No! Really?!" Yes. Really.
So whether you're thinking about moving, visiting or you're just browsing, this blog will give you insight into what 'Ol Blue Eyes meant when he said, "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere." (Exiting this post with high kicks...Neeeeeeew Yooooooooooork...)

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