August 17, 2009

NYC Breakfast: Egg on a Roll?

Day two in New York: Breakfast. In Texas we have breakfast tacos. Figuring that wasn't happening here I asked a hotel employee what people do for breakfast. He said, "Go to a deli." A what? The only deli we had back home was Jason's Deli (a sandwich chain) and that was just for lunch. So I found a deli. I stood in line and listened as people ordered "egg on a roll," "egg and cheese on a roll," "bacon, egg and cheese on a roll." Like...a fluffy, buttered dinner roll that we use down south to sop up gravy? Why would you put an egg on that?!
Turns out it's a kaiser roll. Ooooooh.
Also popular for breakfast here are bagels (with or without cream cheese or butter), pastries and donuts. Oh, and coffee. Lots and lots and loooots of coffee.
So I've come to realize this:
Hyperactive people + oodles of coffee - breakfast tacos + egg on a roll = a New Yorker.
Good morning!

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